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Room With A Vu - November 2008

By Angelina Skowronski | November 1, 2008





NOTES: Drummer Ryan Hoyle has spent a fair amount of time packing venues and touring with alt-rockers Collective Soul, but he says that his focus is now on his newly-built home studio, Cave Studios. Hoyle tells us that the inspiration for constructing his new facility came from his numerous brothers-in-arms—the illustrious session drummers of the L.A. and Nashville recording scenes. “Tracking drums on projects at home becomes a huge question mark,” says Hoyle. “Most can’t get a good sound, and those who can— but can’t get a good performance—sit there chopping up beats. I’m offering them an alternative.”

Hoyle’s alternative begins with a small studio dedicated entirely to drum tracking. “Here we have everything one would need to record and export drum tracks for other musicians,” the drummer tells us. “It’s a new way for drummers to market themselves. They can accept a session, lay down the tracks here, and send them off.”

Why no compressors, EQs, reverbs, and other signal processors? “Why would you mix before it’s been tracked?” Hoyle replies. “I’m about producing the highest quality in the front end, leaving all mixing and editing to the customer.”

Still in its freshman year, the Cave already has a waiting list of projects. Hoyle, an industry veteran whose first recording studio flopped, says that he feels vindicated by his early success with the Cave. “If you are trying to open your own place, set a goal and then work backward,” he says. “You can easily get distracted and end up buying all this gear before you’ve even recorded a song. There’s no need to get knee-deep in tech support. Keep it simple. You can save a lot of time and money by just rehearsing instead of editing.


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