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AVID Pro Tools 9

June 1, 2011

Use busing to apply parallel compression

Enhance dynamics for compressed drum tracks

Compression can help give a bigger drum sound, but reduces dynamics. Mixing an uncompressed version of the drums in with the compressed sound can help restore punch.

Step 1
1_AVIDAssign a Send from the drum’s audio track to a bus (e.g., Bus 1–2).
































Step 2
2_AVIDSelect Track > New and specify a stereo Aux Input track (assuming the drums are stereo).







Step 3
3_AVIDAssign the Aux Input’s input path selector to Bus 1–2.



















Step 4
4_AVIDInsert the desired compressor in one of the Aux Input track’s inserts.









Step 5
5_AVIDClick on the drum Audio Track’s Send to Bus 1–2. The Send window opens; click on Pre so the bus level isn’t influenced by the drum track’s level.







































Step 6
6_AVIDAdjust the Send fader and Aux return fader for the desired balance of compressed drum sound with the dry drum sound from the audio track.



























¦ Step 6: Sometimes it works better to set the compressed drum level first, then bring up the dry drum track to add dynamics.

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