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Five Things We Can Learn From DJs

May 1, 2011

Be open-minded. Good DJs are musically open-minded, ready for anything, and have an encyclopedic knowledge of all kinds of music.

The audience is all that matters. DJs live and die by the reaction of the crowd, so they''re constantly reading the mood of the audience and adjusting their tracks accordingly.

The big picture is crucial. When a DJ has to keep a crowd happy over two or 
more hours, the focus is less on individual cuts and more on overall flow. Bands should pay as much attention to their set lists.

Hands-on control is essential. Computer-based recording fans, pay heed. DJing is about control and feel, and, similarly, hands-on mixing gives you a mix that''s more of a “performance” than just setting static levels.

Music gets people high. In the club scene, the music isn''t just a listening experience for individuals, but the glue that holds the tribe together. DJs never lose sight of the fact that they''re trying to walk that fine line between trance-like repetition and the “shock of the new.” The music becomes a shared, communal, and almost religious experience.

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