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Learn Power App | MOTU Digital Performer 7

November 1, 2011

Assemble a virtual multi-effects processor for guitar, bass, and other instruments that you can save and use in other projects.

Digital Peformer bundled a comprehensive roster of guitar effects in Version 7. You can add effects in the desired order using the Mixing Board''s inserts, and after you''ve created a custom multi-effects setup, invoke the Insert Settings Presets function to save the entire setup for later recall.


Click on the Mixing Board tab. The mixer defaults to five inserts per track strip, but you can add more inserts with the Set Number of Effects Inserts command from the Mixing Board''s mini-menu.


Insert effects in the order you want.


Double-click on the insert slots to open the effects, then edit them for the desired sound.


If you want some effects (like Echo or Reverb) to be post-fader, click on the pre/post-fader divider line below the bottom insert and drag it above the post-fader effects to set the pre/post fader dividing line.


Once you''ve perfected your multi-effects processor, save it using the Save Insert Settings menu at the top of the Inserts section.


  • Step 1: If you load an effect into the last available insert, another insert will appear below it automatically.
  • Step 2: Command-click-drag an insert effect to move it.
  • Step 3: You can have as many windows open simultaneously as you want.

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