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Looking to Score Some Good Weed

January 1, 2005

The idea is very simply: genius. And explaining it to you, full-on Hollywood pitch meeting style, won’t even come close to touching how good of an idea it is. It’s called Weed, and we want it.

The premise? File sharing doesn’t suck.

More than that it doesn’t have to rip the artists off, doesn’t have to penalize music fans and doesn’t have to leave everyone involved po’, broke and lonely. Why? What? How?

Simply by sort of recognizing the networking potential in process when Gal B shares a song with Dude A. This is not inherently a bad thing to do. And if Dude A digs the song, he should be able to listen to it a few times while digging it. But at some point he may dig it so much that he has to have it on his little iPod dealie and so he DOWNLOADS it from Weed. Pays some small fee that goes straight to the artist AND the person who made the referral.

Now everybody’s rich. With song, with cash. Genius.

And now, as part of eBay’s digital music pilot program that runs through the end of January, you too can wander through the Weed store.

Dig it.

PS: If the people at Weed thought the lame weed jokes were ever going to stop they were sooooooo wrong.

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