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Presonus Studio One Pro: Assemble and burn an audio CD

August 1, 2010

OBJECTIVE: Arrange tracks in the desired order, add processors if desired, then create a CD.

BACKGROUND: Studio One Pro combines DAW-based song creation and mastering/assembly in one program. You can assemble songs created in Studio One Pro (or other programs) in a dedicated Project window, then burn this playlist of songs to a standard audio CD.

studio_11. On the Start screen, click on Project. Enter the project info, then click on OK.









studio_22. Click on Browse, then Files. Drag the songs you want on the CD from the browser to the Project workspace. They will snap to a 2-second pause between cuts.





studio_33. To change the order, drag and drop songs in the Track column. The workspace adjusts automatically.










studio_44. To insert a processor for a song, click on the upper + sign and choose an effect, or the down arrow to choose a preset combination of effects. Similarly, in the Master section you can insert Master processors that affect the entire CD.







studio_55. After placing the songs in the right order and applying the desired processors, insert a blank CD into your drive and click on Burn. In the Burn Audio CD dialog box, enter the various parameter values, then click on the Burn button.








· Step 2: You can also drag files in from the desktop. If you drag in a Studio One Pro song file, the song will be mixed automatically based on current automation parameters, and inserted into the workspace.
· This Power App presents only basic CD assembly options. You can also add fades and crossfades to individual songs, use metering and other test tools, play through the playlist of songs in the workspace before burning, and more.

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