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Presonus Studio One Pro: Set up a hardware control surface for more expressive control

February 1, 2010

OBJECTIVE: Control various parameters within Studio One Pro using a hardware control surface.
BACKGROUND: Studio One Pro’s “Control Link” protocol makes it easy to define controllers on a control surface, then assign them to parameters within the program. In this example, we’ll use Line 6’s KB37 as the controller, but the same principles apply to any control surface.


0.0011. In Song mode, click on “External” in the Console navigation column (to the left of the mixer).












0.0022. Under External Devices, double-click on the external device you want to set up as a controller. When the Device Control Map (a representation of the controller) appears, click on “MIDI Learn.”












0.00033. On the hardware controller, turn the controls and push the buttons you want to assign. As you do this, they appear in the Device Control Map.










0.0044. Click on the small arrow in the label below a control, and assign the control type (knob, fader, button) from the pop-up menu. This is also where you can remove a control.










0.0055. Double-click on a label and type in the desired name. When you’re done with assignments and naming, click on MIDI Learn again to exit setup mode.










0.0066. To assign a physical controller to a parameter, click on the parameter (the screen shot shows Filter Cutoff). Its name and current value appears in the upper left Parameter Window.










0.0077. Move the physical control intended to control the parameter; the control name appears in the right Parameter Window. Click on the “Link” symbol between the two parameter windows—the hardware control is now linked to the software parameter.





¦ In Step 1, if the mixer isn’t visible, type F3.
¦ In Step 7, an alternative assignment method is to drag the “hand” icon in the left parameter window on top of the desired control in the Device Control Map.
¦ Assignments are context-sensitive—for example, if you make one set of assignments to the mixer and another to the Impact drum synth, controls will affect the mixer if it has the focus, and Impact if it has the focus.

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