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Pro/File: Modular Odyssey Web Clip 1

October 12, 2007

Here's a gallery of photos taken in Bakis Sirros's studio, by Antonis Chaniotis.

photo of ASRS-integrator


photo of Doepfer A100

Doepfer A100

photo of Livewire Planb Zerosc Bananalogue

Livewire Planb Zerosc Bananalogue

photo of Metalbox Blacet

Metalbox Blacet

photo of Modcorner


photo of Oberheim SEM modded

Oberheim SEM modded

photo of Putney VCS3mk1

Putney VCS3mk1

photo of Roland System 100 (101 &102)

Roland System 100 (101 &102)

photo Roland System 100 (104)

Roland System 100 (104)

photo of Technosaurus Selector

Technosaurus Selector

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