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Propellerhead Record : Make Groovy MIDI Sequences With The ReGroove Mixer

January 1, 2010

OBJECTIVE: Turn stiff MIDI parts into music that grooves and swings.
BACKGROUND: The ReGroove mixer is a powerful tool for adding humanization and expressiveness to MIDI parts. It has two options: Global parameters and Channel parameters. We’ll cover basics of Channel parameters, which affect only note lanes assigned to them. Note: The following also applies to Reason 4.


0.0001_ShowReGrooveMixer1. Click on the ReGroove Mixer show/hide button (lower right). The mixer has four banks of eight channels; each channel can have a different groove.







0.0002_SelectGrooveChannel2. In the note lane you want to groovify, click on the Select Groove pop-up menu, and select a groove channel. Here, ReGroove channel A1 is being selected.








0.0003_startplayback3. Start playback, so you can hear the results of applying grooves in subsequent steps.





0.0004_ClickOnBrowser4. Click on the folder button to open the Groove Patch Browser. Clicking on a groove loads it almost instantly, so you can hear how it affects the track. After choosing a groove, click on OK.








0.0005_AmountSlider5. The Amount slider adjusts how much the Groove affects timing, from none to maximum. You can also use the Slide control to move notes forward or backward in time, and the Shuffle control to add a 16th note “swing” feel.







0.0006_PreAlign6. If needed, enable “Pre-Align” to quantize all notes to a 16th-note grid prior to adding Groove effects. This insures that changes caused by the Groove template will be predictable.





0.0007_EditGroove7. To edit the parameters that make up the Groove, click on the Edit button.


¦ Applying negative shuffle to a previously-shuffled track can “unshuffle” it.
¦ You can divide a drum part over multiple lanes, so you could (for example) slide the snare part in one lane a bit later to create a more “laid-back” feel.
¦ The Select Groove pop-up lets you enable or disable the Groove channel for individual lanes.
¦ The Amount slider (Step 5) is basically a “macro” that affects the various editable groove parameters (Step 7).

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