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Qbert Scratch University Now iPad, iPhone Compatible

February 3, 2011

DJ Qbert, who features in the new DJ Hero 2 game from Activision and was crowned "America''s Best DJ" by DJ Times last year, developed the art of using the turntable as a musical instrument by inventing styles and creating unique scratching techniques. Using the ArtistWorks technology, which features video lessons-exchange with the instructor, students are able to learn by virtually visiting Qbert''s Octagon studio on their iPad or iPhone. Students can then submit videos to DJ Qbert for critique, guidance and personalized instruction.

With the new iPad compatibility, students can enjoy the full QSU experience on the go, including HD video lessons, forums and chat with other DJs around the world. Students of the QSU learn with DJ Qbert and enjoy exclusive access to a library of thousands of free beats, Thud Rumble Store discounts, first dibs on pre-releases, a worldwide community of DJs from beginners to advanced and acclaimed guest DJs of all styles. Lessons are also in HD and slow motion, and are continually expanding and improving the curriculum. Teacher/student video exchanges are viewable 24/7 and are $60 for a three-month subscription.

Find out more about Qbert Scratch University.

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