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Sony Sound Forge 10: Burn Disc-At-Once CDs

March 1, 2010

OBJECTIVE: Take multiple files, arrange them in order, and burn a Disc-At-Once (DAO) CD suitable for duplication.
BACKGROUND: Sound Forge has been able to do Track-At-Once (TAO) CDs for some time, but now Sound Forge 10 allows for burning DAO CDs from within the application itself.


11. In Sound Forge, open the files you want for the CD, then go File > New to create a “workspace file” for assembling your CD.






22. Click on the file you want as your first cut, then type Ctrl-A to select all. The waveform will be highlighted.










33. Click on the center horizontal line of the file’s waveform, then drag the file into the workspace file—but before releasing the mouse button, click on the right mouse button    (multiple times if needed) until the cursor shows a CD. Then, drop the file into the workspace.











44. Click on the file you want as the next cut, then type Ctrl-A. Click on the file’s waveform and drag it into the workspace, but position the cursor to the immediate right of the “Track 1” strip so that you see a downward pointing arrow. Then, release the mouse button. The second file now follows the first file.








55. Repeat Step 4 but release the mouse button to the right of the strip that says “Track 2.” Keep dragging over files in a similar manner until the CD layout is complete.






66. Click on the workspace file to select it, then go Tools > Burn Disc-at-Once Audio CD.








77. Choose your burn options, insert a blank CD in your drive, then click on OK.


¦ In Step 4, place the cursor at the end of the Track 1 strip to have the next file butt up against the end of Track 1; or move slightly to the right to leave a two-second pause. The cursor will probably remain the CD icon, so there’s no need to re-select.
¦ In Step 7, for a reliable burn check “Render temporary Image before burning.” And if you plan to create a CD for duplication, uncheck “Buffer underrun protection” and choose a slower speed (e.g., 4X or 2X).

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