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Your Take – What is Your Favorite Trick for Boosting Kick Drum in the Mix?

May 22, 2012

Here’s our favorite response. Norton Lawellin wins an EarthWorks KickPad Kick Drum System. Thanks, Norton!

Start by removing or turning down the part you don’t like, the “sounds-like-cardboard” part, typically +/-600Hz. This cleans up the whole midrange, and now you can add what you really need out of a kick drum. If you need more impact, more definition, more head slap, add a bit at 5 or 6kHz. Play with your parametric until you find the sweet spot. If you need more boom, more “phat,” it’s at about 80Hz; again, play with your parametric.
Norton Lawellin
St. Paul, MN
Track Record Studios

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