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Roundup – Virtual Drums and Percussion

By MARTY CUTLER | August 28, 2013


BECAUSE TASTES in drum sounds and musical applications can turn on a dime, we like to periodically dip into the pool of drum and percussion instruments and sound libraries. This roundup covers sample-based products, and a couple of very cool instruments whose synthesis engines carry them well beyond the 808 and 909 paradigm to incredibly fresh new sounds and rhythms. Not to be outdone, many of the sample libraries rely on some pretty slick DSP—either in the sampling or the playback stages—to endow the end-user with plenty of sound-shaping power.

It’s become commonplace for instruments to include preset, editable rhythm patterns that you can arrange in your host software or simply lock to your host’s tempo. Some offer built-in modulation tracks to animate sounds alongside the typical grid-based, drum-machine style sequencing. Whatever your approach, we’re confident that there is something for everyone here—and probably more than you expected.

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