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New Gear

January 11, 2013

ADAM Audio
F Series
Studio monitors
F5 $499.98/pr., F7 $799.98/ pr., SubF $399.99
Highlights The F5 (shown) includes an ART tweeter and 5" midwoofer, both powered by 25W RMS power amps; the F7 powers an ART tweeter with a 40W amp, and 7" woofer with 60W amp • both have high EQ, low EQ, and volume controls • the SubF’s 8" woofer is driven by a 150W RMS P WM power amp; it includes a volume knob, crossover frequency control, and phase switch
Target Market Smaller studios, post-production suites
Analysis The F Series’ lower price point will likely bring ADAM’s speakers to a larger user base.

Unit Audio
New Unit
16 x 2 analog summing mixer
Highlights 16 channels of physical analog summing • hand-assembled, tested, and wired point-to-point in Nashville • features Neutrik connectors and Xicon resistors • costs less than some plug-ins designed to emulate analog summing
Target Market All-digital studios that require summing signals “outside of the box”
Analysis The subject of analog summing vs. mixing in the box is controversial, so Unit Audio’s website features sound samples of a strictly “in the box” mix and a mix run through a Unit Audio analog summing mixer.


Sound module
Highlights Rack unit with 6,000 expressive sounds (SuperNATURAL sounds, PCM sounds, and all 12 SRX expansion boards) • independent acoustic, synth, and drum sounds • 17-part ambience engine allows graphically controlling each part’s distance and position within a 360-degree sound field • multiple effects engines • iPad editor app • I/O includes stereo XLR outs and eight 1/4" phone outs
Target Market Stage and studio
Analysis Roland’s SuperNATURAL sound and Behavior Modeling technology blurred the line between acoustic and electronic instruments; these sounds are now available in a compact rack unit.

Electro 4 HP
Stage keyboard
Highlights 380MB of memory for Nord Piano Library sounds • 128MB of memory for Nord Sample Library sounds • C2D tonewheel engine with rotary simulations and drive • 73-key Hammer Action Portable (HP) keybed • digital LED drawbars • enhanced Sound Manager functionality • MIDI over USB
Target Market Touring keyboardists, studios
Analysis Nord expanded the stage piano concept in two directions: better pianos and organs, and the ability to load other instruments via samples. The 4 HP is the latest generation, and enhances both aspects.

Notion Music
Notion 4.0
Music notation software
$99 download, $129 box
Highlights Cross-platform compatibility between desktop and iPad versions • audio samples performed by The London Symphony Orchestra • 64-bit Mac/Windows support • 64-bit ReWire host or slave • new interactive entry tools • export as PDF • improved MusicXML compatibility • save to SoundCloud
Target Market Composers, students, studio musicians
Analysis Staff and notation views can be the weak links in major DAWs. Notion fills that gap by making it easy to work with notation, play back scores through quality samples, and work with DAWs via ReWire.

Soul School 2
ReFill Library
$99 download
Highlights Sequel to the Soul School ReFill • organic-sounding, flexible collection of soul loops and samples • comprises nine grooves recorded live without overdubs, broken up into individual instruments and tempo-independent loops • all loop content is Dr. Octo Rexcompatible, with additional construction kits for the Kong Drum Designer
Target Market Reason owners looking for soul and vintageoriented construction kits
Analysis Part of the “Reason success story” involves ReFills, which allow expanding Reason’s sonic palette in various ways; after Soul School’s success, a sequel seemed inevitable.


iTrack Solo
iPad/Mac/PC audio interface
Highlights 2-input audio interface designed for recording instruments and vocals • up to 24-bit/96kHz performance • Focusrite mic pre as used in the Liquid Saffire 56 interface • phantom power • instrument input • unibody aluminum chassis • rear-panel phono connectors for connecting an audio playback system • zerolatency monitoring
Target Market Those needing a no-compromise iOS interface that’s Mac/PC compatible
Analysis As iOS devices gain traction thanks to apps like GarageBand and Auria, the need for better audio quality gains traction.

Highlights 12" EVS-12S woofer • ideal match for EVID, ZX1 and EVU compact loudspeaker systems • compact and lightweight • maximum SPL of 127dB • internally-braced 15mm plywood enclosure with a structured coating and integrated handles • two paralleled, recessed Speakon NL4 connectors • frequency response: 53–125Hz (–3 dB) • 400W continuous, 1,600W peak
Target Market Mobile applications and fixed installations
Analysis Subwoofers are becoming increasingly important for all types of sound systems; the ZX1-Sub is comparatively light and compact, given its powerhandling capacity.
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