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May 18, 2012





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Idle Warship


Roundup – High-Tech Guitar

Listen to audio examples. 

This is the sound of the JTV-59 pickups by themselves—no modeling. Neck first, then neck+bridge, then bridge.
This is the “Reso” bank with the non-standard sounds played in the following order: Tricone resonator, Sitar, Danelectro 3021, Banjo, and Dobro. For the sitar, I did take the liberty of adding a drone background, and overdubbing the lead. The Dobro, Tricone, and Danelectro used alternate tunings.
These strum through the six strings, then plays a chord, for each of the factory alternate tunings in the following order: Standard, drop DG, resonator G, open A, and baritone., half-tone down, drop D-flat, one semitone down, DADGAD, open D, blues.
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