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This Month's Soundtrack, December 2010

By Mike Levine | December 1, 2010

Other than one primarily acoustic album, all of this month''s selections feature an abundance of synth sounds.

Bot''ox: Babylon By Car (I''m a Cliché Records)
A mostly instrumental combination of electronic textures (including some really fat synth sounds), post-punk influences, and snappy instrumental lines. Well-produced, smart music.

Listen and download the song "Blue Steel (Still Going Remix)" from the Bot'Ox album Babylon By Car (I'm a Cliché Records).

DVAS: Society (Upper Class Recordings)
Well-done electronic dance music from this north-of-the-border (Toronto) band. Synths galore, catchy songs, and a heavy disco influence in many spots.

Download the the title track from DVAS' album Society (Upper Class Recordings).

Danuel Tate: Mexican Hotbox (Wagon Repair)
This solo album from the keyboardist for Cobblestone Jazz fuses jazz, Latin, and electronic music into a seamless whole. Nice blending of electronic and acoustic elements, and plenty of vocoder vocals.

Listen and download the song "Mexican Hotbox" from the album of the same name by Danuel Tate.

Blixaboy: Kliks and Politiks (Astroblaque)
Synths, sound effects, and arresting beats converge on this album by Blixaboy (aka Mwanza “Wanz” Dover), which showcases his distinctive approach to dubstep.

Download the Blixaboy track "Lion's Eye" off the album Kliks and Politiks (Astroblaque).

Brandt Brauer Frick: You Make Me Real (!K7)
This Berlin-based trio plays techno grooves with acoustic instruments (piano, bass, and drums), and the result is a strikingly original sound. They''ve added a larger ensemble 
for their live work, but the album 
is just the trio.

Here's an excerpt from song "Bop" off Brandt Brauer Frick's album You Make Me Real (!K7).

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