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This Month's Soundtrack

May 1, 2008

These albums encompass a diverse range of styles and composition methods, from down-tempo, electro, and chiptune to electronica and acoustic.

  1. 46bliss: Wish Me Away
  2. Pavmire: Cryosleep
  3. Laromlab: Laromlab
  4. Drifting in Silence: Fallto
  5. Spottiswoode & His Enemies: Salvation


Dreamy and nostalgic songwriting combines with uplifting beats and sweet vocals to awaken the senses.


Inspired by the likes of Depeche Mode and other retro luminaries, this dark electro album is completely original.


The funked-out pairing of old-school games, beats, and songs proves that you can indeed rock out to chiptunes.


Unexpected yet complementary timbres come together, melting the boundaries between all genres.PRE>


Composed with steel guitars, piano, and mandolin, this album is chock-full of acoustic goodness.

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