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Adam Audio Ships A5 Monitor

July 30, 2008

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Adam Audio is shipping its new A5 powered monitor ($699 per pair) in the United States. Designed for multimedia listening, mobile recording, broadcast, and surround applications, the A5 is compact and comes in three different finishes.

The A5 is powered by 2 x 25-wide onboard amplifiers and combines Adam's ART-folded ribbon tweeter with a 5-inch woofer made of carbon fiber and Rohacell. The front of the A5 has dual ports for low frequency response down to 55 Hz (that can be extended to 31 Hz with the addition of the Sub7 subwoofer), metal grills, and controls for power and gain. The rear includes balanced XLR jacks; unbalanced RCA jacks; and Stereolink, which connects speakers with input and output jacks and allows you to control the overall volume of the system from any one speaker's gain control.

The monitor comes in matte black ($699 per pair) and glossy "piano" black or white ($769 per pair). To learn more, visit

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