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AES 2010: Muse Receptor 2 Compatible With Synthogy Ivory II

November 5, 2010

Muse Receptor 2

Muse Receptor 2

Ivory II can be installed on any Receptor 2 by downloading the installer helper file from the company''s site. The installer is available now free of charge to registered Receptor 2 users. 

Synthogy''s Ivory II Grand Piano virtual instrument features a greatly expanded sound library with 77 GB of samples covering the Bosendorfer 290, Steinway Concert D and Yamaha C7 pianos. Ivory II also adds a host of new features for more expressive detail such as sympathetic string resonance, sustain resonance DSP for realistic damper response, and 18 sample layers of each and every note on the pianos, including the extended low octave of the Bosendorfer.

Find out more about Receptor 2 and Ivory 2.

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