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ASK Video Releases New Instructional DVD for Logic

October 28, 2005

In this first of three DVDs in the series, musician and Apple expert Tony Wallace guides the user through the basic ins and outs of Logic Pro using 28 tutorial videos (over 2 hours of instructional video) and AskVideo's easy to use interface and DVD menus. Great for Logic and Logic Pro users, the tutorial is designed to get you up and running quickly and makes learning a pleasure with ultra-high video and sound quality.

Logic Pro Level 1 begins with the basics of setting up and getting around the program. Chapters include; Setup Assistant, Preferences, Audio Settings, Screensets, Key Commands, Template Files, File Management, Tools, Editing Techniques, Arrange Window, Tracks, Global Tracks, Transport, Cycle Mode, Tempo and Time, Display Levels, Catch and Link, Zooming, Markers, Regions/Aliases, Region Parameters, Folders, Recording MIDI, MIDI Files, Audio Window, Importing Audio, Recording Audio, Region Editing.

Upon completion, the user will feel comfortable with basic set-up, recording, and editing in Logic. Future installments of this trilogy will guide the user through the advanced features.

For more information, visit their web site at

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