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Sound Magic Announces EZ Mastering Extension Pack

December 17, 2013

EZ Mastering Extension Pack is a extension pack which provides 8 presets which helps you to quickly start a mastering project. These 8 presets covers a wide range of music type and make you choose the needed effect units wisely. With it, you can fully release the power of Neo MasterTool and make the whole mastering process easier, quicker and get a more professional result.
Neo MasterTool is a multi-bands, multi process mastering system, which provides different effect processing for mastering within one plugin. By obtaining Neo MasterTool, you can get all weapons needed for mastering in one plugin.

Neo MasterTool includes
Flexible 5 band fully parametric EQ
Multi-Bands Compressor/Expander
Bass and High Dynamic Enhancer
Bass and High Psychoacoustic Harmonic Enhancer
Custom designed quad mode, multi-band Spatial Enhancer
Brickwall limiter
For more information, downloading demo version, please visit
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