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Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro Version 4, Guitar Tracks Pro USB

June 17, 2009

Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro Version 4

Guitar Tracks Pro provides multitrack recording, precise editing tools to comp together a solo or vocal track, a virtual mixing console, effects arsenal, and the ability to burn CDs and upload your music directly to the Web. At the core of Guitar Tracks Pro is an engine based on Cakewalk's SONAR audio and MIDI technology. 

Guitar Tracks Pro includes a virtual guitar amp, an entire backing band of virtual instruments and instructional videos from guitarists. Guitar Tracks Pro USB adds a high-quality USB audio interface. 

Beginning late June, 2009, Guitar Tracks Pro 4 and Guitar Tracks Pro USB will be available through select music and consumer electronics retailers worldwide. Upgrades to Guitar Tracks Pro 4 for registered Cakewalk customers will also be available direct from Cakewalk at Find out additional information on Guitar Tracks Pro. 

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