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Celemony Melodyne editor, assistant, essential Version 1.2

September 22, 2010

The update brings full 64-bit compatibility and various optimizations. With Version 1.2, the new Melodyne generation joins the currently select ranks of plug-ins capable of running native in modern 64-bit hosts.

For users, this means primarily that Melodyne is more robust and runs more smoothly during the editing of more extensive projects. Broader host compatibility, various workflow improvements—such as in the handling of transfer storage paths—and a number of bug-fixes round off V. 1.2. Naturally, compatibility with 32-bit hosts is maintained. Version 1.2 will appear in October and is free-of-charge for registered users.

Watch Film #1 and Film #2 to find out more.

Find out more about Version 1.2.

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