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Ear Trumpet Introduces the Myrtle Microphone

November 20, 2013

Ear Trumpet Labs, a privately owned company in Portland OR that makes handcrafted microphones, today announced the release of a new microphone, the Myrtle.  The Myrtle is a stunningly beautiful directional mic that combines the look of a classic broadcast mic with the highest-quality electronics. Myrtle's inherent warmth of tone and crisp clarity make an extraordinarily natural-sounding live mic.  The cardioid polar pattern, headbasket design, and tuned electronics all work together to make a very stable live mic with good feedback rejection, perfect for any singer who wants to make a visual and sonic statement.

Myrtle is a medium-large diaphragm (26mm) condenser microphone designed with a cardioid pickup pattern primarily for live vocal use.  Reminiscent of early broadcast microphones, the design features a unique copper-and-steel head basket with brass grill work, spring-suspended in a six-inch diameter stainless-steel ring with a chrome pivoting joint.  The head basket incorporates an effective silk pop filter as well as Sorbothane shock and vibration damping to minimize handling noise.  The copper-and-brass body fits standard microphone clips.

The transformerless FET circuit, with fully balanced output and thorough EMI protection, features a moderate bass rolloff to compensate for proximity effect, and high frequency EQ tuned to the capsule to avoid harshness and help control feedback. All electrical components in the signal path are highest quality metal film resistors, polypropylene and polystyrene capacitors, as well as individually tested, hand-matched and biased transistors and JFETs.

The Myrtle has a sensitivity of 12 mv/Pa with an output impedance of 150 ohms.

“I started Ear Trumpet Labs in order to bring creativity in visual design and a fresh take on microphone acoustics to performing artists,” commented Ear Trumpet Labs Founder Phillip Graham. “By initially focusing on providing the best live sound possible for vocalists and acoustic musicians we developed a unique approach to voicing microphones that are both remarkably easy to use on stage and extremely versatile in the studio. Myrtle began with a client's desire to reproduce the look of old carbon microphones. By modifying some elements of the proven Edwina design we arrived at the perfect "crooner" live microphone, with warm, transparent vocal sound and an elegant retro look.”

The Myrtle is now available for $599 directly from Ear Trumpet Labs.
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