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EM Links for February, 2002

February 1, 2002

EM Links for February, 2002


Production Values: Joe Meek

Johnny RememberMe
Telstar Example1
Telstar Example2
Have I TheRight

Virtual Bandmates: Auto-AccompanimentSoftware

This Standard MIDI File illustrates Band-in-a-Box’s ability tochange styles at any measure. Listen as this familiar chord progressionsegues from bluegrass, to salsa, to reggae.

With Band-in-a-Box 10 and above, you can import patterns from onestyle into another to create hybrids. Here, I have imported a batch ofJames Taylor type fingerpicking patterns into a Latin style. Just copythis file into your Band-in-a-Box Styles folder, and you’re readyto use it. You’ll need version 8.0 of Band-in-a-Box (Mac orWindows) or later.

Jammer’s modular design lets you create a wide range ofperformances from a single musical style or a number of styles. Here, Ihave used the Composer with an ensemble fill to create a long, busy,Frank Zappa-like passage.

Web Page: Download of the Month

DidjeriBell.MP3created by CellSynth

Review: Arturia Storm 1.5


Review: Wiard 300-Series ModularSynth


Quick Pick: Best Service SmartViolins


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