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IK Multimedia GrooveMaker Techno, GrooveMaker Trance

November 2, 2009

Based on the recently released GrooveMaker remixing application, these style-based apps allow you to create and share non-stop techno and trance tracks for DJing, remixing, multimedia and movie soundtrack compositions on the go, in real time.

GrooveMaker allows for instantaneous control over eight stereo loop tracks, making it possible to remix the included massive loop library of drums, bass, bass drums, lines, pads, percussion and effects. Its unique and patented Randomization feature allows musicians to generate a vast number of remixes on the fly, with one touch.

Loops made in GrooveMaker can be manipulated in real time (pan, volume, mute, solo, group and tempo), and grooves can be arranged easily by dragging and dropping to create full-length tracks. These tracks can then be saved, previewed and recalled on the iPhone/iPod touch devices or exported as high-quality .WAV files to any computer using a Wi-Fi network.

GrooveMaker Techno includes four songs, plus 1 free song by registering, and a total of 315 loops in 140/150/160/180 bpm ranges for 228 MB of samples. GrooveMaker Trance includes four songs, plus 1 free song by registering, and a total of 351 loops in 140/150 bpm for 230 MB of samples.

Each app is priced at $9.99. Click here to buy.

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