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K-Sounds Introduces Artikulation Sound Set For Yamaha Motif ES, Motif Rack ES, S90 ES, And MO

March 6, 2006

In addition to standard instruments such as clarinet, trombone, and violin, Artikulation includes uncommon sounds such as muted horn, muted trombone, tuba ensemble, tin whistle, flute ensemble, oboe ensemble, and even baritone sax ensemble.

Artikulation instruments are designed to be exceptionally expressive. Most are programmed to respond to a breath controller or expression pedal, giving musicians "gut-level" control over phrasing and dynamics. Additional instrument-specific controls are provided for elements such as saxophone growl, flute overblowing, lead trumpet "kiss," muted brass flutter tonguing, accordion detuning, harmonica air flow direction, Celtic pitch bends, and bagpipe finger vibrato.

In addition to the breath controlled instruments, Artikulation includes a few percussion voices that make easy work of typically tedious tasks. Timpani, cymbal, and bass drum are presented in keyboard splits that make rolls and dynamic phrases natural to play. This design gives the user complete control over phrase length, pitch, and dynamics.

All Motif ES and Motif-Rack users can load Artikulation. S90 ES and MO6 / MO8 users can load voices only, not performances.

For more information, visit their web site at

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