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Karma-Lab Releases KARMA M3 Software

November 19, 2008

KM3 user interface

Karma-Lab has released KARMA M3 (Mac/Win; $169) software for the Korg M3. According to the manufacturer, KARMA M3 (KM3) allows you to delve deeper within the KARMA function in ways that are not possible on the M3 alone. You can use the software to create sounds from scratch, make use of the factory sounds, and more.

KM3 also lets you develop your own Generated Effects (GEs), edit the factory GEs into new configurations, import .MID files and turn them into GEs, and upload (via SysEx) your new GEs to the M3.

In addition, the software features 32 scenes per module per performance (instead of 8), 16 chord trigger buttons (Pads) per performance instead of 8, the ability to give each module and scene a descriptive name, and 6 KARMA modules (instead of just 4). These features cannot be imported into the M3, but are available while using the software. You can operate KM3 as an additional six modules at the same time as using the four modules of the internal KARMA Function in the M3, for up to ten modules.

For more information, please visit

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