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Key Changes

By Marty Cutler | November 1, 2002

Apple Computer ( has introduced a new iPod series. The 20 GB model ($499) can hold a maximum of 4,000 songs. Windows users can now purchase the unit and receive MusicMatch Jukebox software, which allows them to manually transfer individual songs or to do batch transfers of entire playlists. It's also possible for Windows users to use Apple's Auto-sync technology to update iPod playlists … For $229, registered owners of Emagic EXS-series samplers, Steinberg HALion, or Tascam Giga-series samplers will be able to crossgrade to Kontakt, a software sampler from Native Instruments ( … ( has changed the name of its Spektral plug-ins pack to Spectral to avoid confusion with Native Instruments' Spektral Delay … Shure Incorporated ( has created a Global Support Services division to centralize and enhance end-user support … TC Electronic ( announced distributorship of products from Lab.Gruppen AB. The Swedish company is best known for its line of amplifiers … Tascam ( has announced a version 2.0 upgrade for its 788 portable digital studios that supports import and export of WAV files, higher-capacity hard drives, and the ability to burn multiple CDs from a single disk image. There is no charge for the upgrade to those who purchased their personal digital studios after January 17, 2002; owners of units acquired before that date can purchase the upgrade for $29.99. To upgrade units with software versions 1.06 or earlier, users will be required to make a refundable deposit of $25 for an EPROM swap … Ilio Entertainments ( is the distributor for Vienna Symphonic Libraries. The library gathers a massive collection of orchestral instrument samples; updates and additions will be provided on an ongoing basis.

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