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McDSP Releases RTAS versions of Chrome Tone and Synthesizer One

May 12, 2004

McDSP has released RTAS versions of Chrome Tone andSynthesizer One and improved the Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) compatibilityof its line of plug-ins. The Chrome Tone RTAS update includes 40 rhythmfiles for triggering the envelopes of the Chrome Tone modulationeffects. The Trigger Happy tutorial shows you how to use MIDIinformation to trigger the performance effects within the Wah, Tremolo,and Chorus modules.

Synthesizer One RTAS offers wavetable, FM, AM, ring modulation,additive, and subtractive synthesis. Also included are 500 new andrevised presets, additional virtual cartridges, and a waveform-capturetutorial.

CompressorBank 3.3 is also available in RTAS and TDM versions. Theupdate includes improvements such as a wider gain range in the activeEQ section for improved de-essing and a dbx 165 emulation.

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