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Nord Introduces the Electro 4 SW73

November 30, 2012

The new Nord Electro 4 SW73 has twice the memory capacity of its acclaimed predecessor, Nord Electro 3 SeventyThree, letting you fit more sounds from our unique Nord Piano and Sample Libraries. The Organ section has been upgraded to the latest Tone Wheel engine from our dual manual organ Nord C2D, including a new 122 Rotary speaker simulation and Drive.
The Nord Electro 4 SW73 completes the new Electro 4 family, joining the Nord Electro 4 HP and Nord Electro 4D SW61, introduced earlier in 2012.
Key features
·       73 Semi-Weighted Waterfall  (F-F)
·       Digital LED Drawbars
·       380 MB memory for Nord Piano Library sounds
·       128 MB memory for Nord Sample Library sounds
·       C2D Tone wheel engine with 122 Rotary simulation and Drive
·       Delay Effect with Tap-Tempo
·       4 Dynamic Response Curves
·       Long Release
·       4 Live Locations
·       Nord Sound Manager 6.x support for Bundles
·       USB MIDI
Suggested Street Price: 1,999 EURO / US MAP 2,399 USD
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