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Coda Music Technology Finale 2000 (Mac/Win)Finale has long been the perennial favorite notation program of film and TV composers, music copyists, educators, commercial arrangers, and publishers. You can sum up the secret to its continued popularity in a single word: power. Surrounded by a growing field of competitors, Finale has retained a loyal following by offering a wide assortment of unique high-end tools and features. To mark its tenth anniversary, Coda introduced Finale 2000, which adds a number of important enhancements to the program. It's now a breeze to get started on a score. A new Setup Wizard lets you choose instruments from a list, and then it automatically creates a blank score with the proper staves, clefs, names, and transpositions.

Despite some of the best-looking printed output around, Finale has once again raised the bar. Maestro, a completely new music font, was meticulously designed by Coda in consultation with European music publishers. Coda has already released Finale 2001, which sports new Internet publishing and distribution capabilities, integrated music-scanning technology, and the ability to transcribe melodies from a mic input.

Finale's great use of color, extensive editing capabilities, comprehensive documentation, and unparalleled feature set make this cross-platform powerhouse a sure-fire winner in a field of noteworthy competitors.

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