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Product News for June 27, 2006

June 28, 2006

BIAS has shipped the Universal version of Peak Pro 5.2 ($599 new; update free) for Intel-based Macs and Power PCs. Version 5.2 offers a software-based authorization that does not require or include a USB key.

MacAudioLab has released a new instructional QuickTime video covering MOTU Digital Performer 5. The Ultimate DP5 Learning Series ($79.95) is a DVD with 14 hours of content that covers the new features in DP5 and offers a programming guide to MOTU MX4. Also included are bonus chapters on Mach V, CueMix, BIAS Peak, and TC PowerCore. It can be played on any computer running QuickTime 7 or higher.

McDSP has announced the ML4000 Mastering Limiter ($495), a high-resolution limiter designed for music, mastering, and post and live sound in single and multi-band configurations. The ML4000 is available alone or in the Emerald Pack HD ($2,695) and Emerald Pack Native ($1,395) plug-in bundles. Existing Emerald Pack customers can purchase the ML4000 as an upgrade for $295.

PreSonus has released the Cubase LE Demystified tutorial DVD ($29.95). The tutorial has over two hours of step-by-step instructional video on Cubase LE recording and production software. It covers basic topics such as setting your first project and recording your first tracks, to such advanced topics as MIDI, automation, and ReWire.

The Sound Guy, Inc. has added Mac OS X Universal support to SFX Machine RT ($99) and SFX Machine Pro ($199). These sound design plug-ins now run natively on PowerPC- and Intel-based Macs, as well as Windows PCs.

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