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Quantum FX 2 for OS X and Windows Released

July 29, 2005

With the release of version 2, Quantum FX now supports Audio Units and VST on Mac OS X, as well as VST on PC Windows.

Major changes since version 1 include:

  • Audio Units and VST support for Mac OS X
  • Full sidechaining (for multi-track hosts) - control effects on one track using audio from a different track
  • MIDI Learn gives instant control of any QFX plug-in using an external MIDI control surface
  • Advanced MIDI control modules allow keyboard-driven effects to be built using the Workbench
  • Improved support for 3rd party DirectX-VST adapters
  • Completely new ready-to-use plug-ins: SideDyn: sidechain compressor & gate, eg for voice ducking between tracks, ChainSaw: sidechaining resonant filter for multi-track hosts, Trance Gate: 32 step rhythmic gate & filter, synchronises to host tempo, Q-Delay: tempo based 3 channel delay, filter & panner
In addition to the Workbench and 50+ Factory Effects, customers buying Quantum FX v2 will receive two bonus premium plug-ins:
  • Destination: a full mastering toolkit in one effect.
  • Aura: a virtual guitar amp loosely modelled on a classic British design but with a highly modified gain/EQ structure.
For more information, visit their web site at

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