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Radial Engineering Bones Vienna Chorus

January 12, 2010

The Bones Vienna Chorus analog chorus pedal features dual-mode functionality to allow the guitarist to transition between a subtle choral effect for rhythm and quickly toggle to an exaggerated effect for soloing or special effects.

The Vienna Chorus follows the release of four other pedals in the Bones Series. It features a compact footprint and employs standard 9-volt powering for easy interface on any pedalboard. Two independent channels with individual speed and intensity controls are provided for each to create two very different sonic textures. With two footswitches, the Vienna can be bypassed, activated and toggled between channels quickly for on-the-fly effects. For even more fun, the Vienna is equipped with Turbo mode to produce extreme chorusing effects. Requires standard 9V power supply.

Find out more about the Bones Vienna Chorus.

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