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Roland Ships Juno-Stage Synth

November 12, 2008

photo of Juno-Stage

Roland Corporation is shipping the Juno-Stage synthesizer ($1,599). The Juno-Stage is a 76-key synthesizer with a sound set offering an 88-key stereo multisampled piano derived from the Fantom-G workstation series, and more.

The synth features two slots for SRX expansion boards, a weighted synth-action keyboard, and additional features needed for live performance, such as split and layer functions, separate reverb and EQ knobs, a top panel and LED display, and quick recall of up to 100 sounds and keyboard setups.  The Juno-Stage also includes a dedicated XLR microphone input with reverb and a vocoder.

In studio setups, the Juno-Stage can be used as a MIDI master keyboard, enabling easy integration with external sound sources and software recording applications. Its USB memory port enables playback of MP3, WAV, AIFF, or SMF files from standard USB flash memory.

The Juno-Stage ships with Cakewalk Sonar LE. For more information, please visit

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