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Source Elements releases Source-Talkback

June 1, 2007

When working with talent at your studio or remotely via Source-Connect (or any other method of connecting to another studio) whether it is across the hallway or across the world - you probably want to listen to the connection over your speakers rather than over headphones. Without Talkback when listening over speakers your connected partners will hear themselves back in your control room microphone, making it difficult for them to speak. If you are in your studio, you may have hardware at your disposal that provides talkback functionality: some analog mixers or control surfaces such as the D-Control come with built-in talkback functions. However if you are on the road or using a smaller setup like Pro Tools LE or M-Powered, you may not have built-in talkback. The Source-Talkback plug-ins solves this problem for you, more efficiently and more conveniently than spending more money on an additional hardware piece to lug around just for a single, simple feature.

Robert Marshall, co-founder of Source Elements, says that 'Source-Talkback is a simple but very useful addition to the DAW workflow. After working with DAWs for years it has been more than obvious that a studio communications solution was needed. So we introduced Source-Talkback. I believe users will not remember how they worked without it and though it may possibly be taken for granted we are happy to provide a tool that smooths the creative process so our users can get more work done by eliminating some of the limitations of their systems.’

Source-Talkback is available for purchase and as a full-featured 15-day demo from Source-Talkback is priced at $95. Source Elements was founded by John Binder and Robert Marshall, two audio engineers who develop alternative solutions to the problematic complexities of everyday post-production. For more information, log on to

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