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This Month's Soundtrack

By Tracy Katz | March 1, 2008

  1. Pixelh8: The Boy with the Digital Heart
  2. Rabbit and Poe: Cosmic Beats in Outer Space
  3. Sia: Some People Have Real Problems
  4. Zoe Keating: One Cello x 16: Natoma
  5. Amon Tobin: Foley Room


red heart
black and white photo of man

Pixelh8 makes music from vintage computers and children's toys like Speak & Spells and Game Boys.


illustration of astronaut on other planet
man lying on floor with hand on keyboard

Fun, lighthearted electro-pop is the name of the game for Rabbit and Poe.


CD cover
woman with stuffed heart on her eye

Those people do not include Sia, the leading lady everyone loves to remix.


CD cover
woman with cello case on her back

The former Rasputina cellist uses live looping to transform solo performances into multipart masterpieces.


CD cover
man wearing hat and headphones

Tobin's expertise in field recording and gathering found sounds bleeds through this album.

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