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Version 1.1 of Voxengo's Marquis Compressor Released

October 28, 2005

Among the most important enhancements is the introduction of the 'compression behavior' switch: now Marquis can deliver attack/release behavior of some well-known analog compressor from the past. Beside that you can also disable intentional harmonic coloration applied by the compressor.

Level detector algorithm can now be switched from the default 'Round' mode to a more widely-used 'Classic' mode, which is less precise, but which can be used to get that 'edgy' compression sound.

On top of these improvements Voxengo reports to have improved the overall sound of the compressor, making it smoother.

Voxengo Marquis Compressor features:

  • Variable knee design
  • Harmonically enhanced sound
  • Three compression behaviors
  • Feed-forward and feedback (opto) modes
  • Different coloration types
  • Release contour controls
  • Key signal filtering
  • 4-level meters
  • "A-to-B" comparisons
  • Factory presets
  • Mono-to-Stereo, Stereo-to-Stereo processing
  • All sample rates supported
  • 64-bit internal precision
  • Native assembler DSP code
For more information, visit their web site at

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