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Wave Audio HLS Channel, PIE Compressor Plug-Ins

February 18, 2010

HLS Channel

HLS Channel

Developed with legendary producer/engineer Eddie Kramer, Waves has re-created two essential elements of the recording chain at London''s acclaimed Olympic Studios—the vintage Helios console channel and Pye compressor.

The HLS Channel was carefully modeled on a Helios mixing console just like the one Kramer used for sessions at Olympic Studios. (In fact, for the modeling, Waves actually managed to get their hands on the Helios from the Rolling Stones mobile truck, which was used on a slew of classic recordings during the early '70s.) In addition to modeling the Helios EQs, Waves modeled the unique behavior, coloration and drive of the console''s preamps. The HLS Channel features a precision-modeled VU meter that re-creates the sensitivity, ballistic behavior, look and feel of the original.

The PIE Compressor was precision-modeled on a vintage Pye compressor, also exactly like the units Kramer used during sessions at Olympic Studios. The PIE plug-in features a meticulously modeled VU meter, with superfast refresh rates, that re-creates the accuracy, sensitivity and ballistic behavior of a physical analog meter.

Find out more information about the HLS Channel and PIE Compressor.

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