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Yamaha Announces Motif XS and MM6 "Mini Mo"

January 23, 2007

Hip-hop heads will no doubt be excited about Yamaha's new Motif XS synth line ($2,799–$3,999), not to mention the new MM6 ($699) "Mini Mo."

Packaging Steinberg Cubase AI software along with a sampling sequencer and 355 MB of Xpanded Articulation sounds, the Motif XS models also feature four arpeggiators, more than 6,000 phrases, circuitry-modeling effects, eight knobs and sliders, a color LCD, and FireWire and Ethernet compatibility. The Motif XS line comprises the 88-key XS8 ($3,999), the 76-key XS7 ($3,539), and the 61-key XS6 ($2,799).

Combining sounds from the Motif with portability, the 61-key MM6 features an onboard sequencer, real-time control, and a Performance mode. The Mini-Mo ships with bundled Cubase software and connects to the computer with USB.

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