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New Gear

December 5, 2012

IK Multimedia

iOS keyboard controller

Ultra-slim, highly portable MIDI controller keyboard
• connects directly to iOS device dock connector (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) or Mac/PC USB port
• 37 velocity- sensitive mini-keys
• Core MIDI and USB class compliant
• ultra- low power; powerable by iOS devices or the available USB port for longer playing sessions

TARGET MARKET Players and producers who make music “on the go”

ANALYSIS As more apps (like IK’s SampleTank) become available for iOS devices, there’s more need for controllers that provide a player-friendly interface and playing experience.

Native Instruments
Premium Tube Series
Native plug-ins
bundle $229

The series includes three effects: Passive EQ (2-channel, 4-band parametric EQ with additional HP and LP filters), Vari Comp compressor/ limiter, and Enhanced EQ (adds warmth and weight to the low end of individual tracks)
• VST/AU/ RTAS/AAX-compatible
• effects also available individually

TARGET MARKET Recordists who want a more vintage-sounding plug-in for essential functions like EQ and dynamics control

ANALYSIS Most DAWs include “bread and butter” EQ and dynamics processors, but there’s a growing interest in plug-ins that provide a more vintage or stylized sound quality.


Music workstation
$1,999 (88-key)

640 programs, 288 combinations, 900 arpeggiator patterns, and more than 600 drum track grooves, including content from the Kronos workstation
• piano-roll style sequencer
• color TouchView display with advanced graphic UI
• Krome Plug-In Editor integrates with computer-based DAWs
• 61-key ($1,499) and 73-key ($1,799) versions also available

TARGET MARKET Keyboard players, in live performance or studio applications

ANALYSIS The Kronos and Kronos X have been popular high-end keyboards; in typical Korg fashion, the company distilled many of the most important elements into a more affordable workstation.

Unplugged Acoustic Simulator

iStomp pedal download

Transforms electric guitar sounds to acoustic guitar sounds
• includes Lexicon reverb
• stereo ins/outs
• controls include low EQ, high EQ, reverb level, and effect level
• downloads into the DigiTech iStomp hardware via the free Stomp Shop iOS app

TARGET MARKET Guitar players who want to avoid the inconvenience of switching between electric and acoustic guitars, particularly live

ANALYSIS The iStomp hardware stompbox’s functionality depends on which “e-pedal” (e.g., the Unplugged Acoustic Simulator) you load into it via the Stomp Shop app.


Fraunhofer Pro-Codec V2

Codec plug-in
2nd-generation Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec plug-in
• can now master for iTunes via the Apple AAC iTunes Plus Codec
• supports the latest multichannel audio codecs (MPEG surround, AAC-LC, and HE-AAC)
• enables monitoring the iTunes encoding chain’s exact clipping behavior to ensure high-quality output during the mixing process

TARGET AUDIENCE Mastering, creating compressed audio streams for websites

ANALYSIS The original Pro-Codec was the ne plus ultra of codec plug- ins, allowing realtime monitoring and analysis of compressed audio data streams. V2 takes it up another notch.

Royer Labs

Active ribbon mic

Phantom-powered version of Royer’s original SF-1 ribbon mic
• output level of –38dB
• custom-designed FETs for ultra-quiet operation; self-noise is lower than 18dB
• 1.8-micron ribbon element for excellent transient response
• negligible off-axis coloration
• loads the ribbon element optimally
• can’t be damaged by phantom power
• handles long cable runs

TARGET MARKET Recording classical performances or capturing acoustic instruments

ANALYSIS Sensitivity equal to phantom-powered condenser mics means that the SF-2 provides enough level to drive any recording medium, even with extremely quiet sound sources.


500 series rack frame

10-slot power rack for 500 Series-format modules
• 14-gauge steel construction for superior shielding and durability
• each channel slot has separate XLR I/O and parallel 1/4" TRS connectors for splitting the signal, cross patching, or acting as a patchbay mult
• 1600mA external power supply

TARGET MARKET 500 Series module owners who need to fit the maximum number of modules in the minimum space

ANALYSIS Interest in 500 Series modules continues to grow, and Radial has expanded its line of frames to accommodate all levels of users.

CueMix FX Software

Audio interface driver update

Driver update for all CueMix-equipped MOTU audio interfaces
• includes iPad TouchOSC templates for wireless control of onboard CueMix mixing/ effects processing
• supports Mac OS X/Windows 7
• bi-directional communication, so the iPad reflects changes made on the computer screen

TARGET MARKET Owners of any “mk3” or “mkII” MOTU audio interface, as well as the 4pre, Audio Express, MicroBook, MicroBook II, PCI-424 core systems, and Track16

ANALYSIS iPad control is popular and convenient; now MOTU interface owners can exploit this technology.

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