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Welcome to EM Web Clips! Here you'llfind supporting files of all kinds for the printed articles in manyissues of Electronic Musician magazine.

December 2002
Composers Desktop Project examples, Master Class: GoingLive, Phatmatik Pro, and the Delay Lama!

November 2002
Novation K-Station, Elektron Machinedrum, Korg Triton,and FruityLoops examples, Crystal freeware synth, and relics from 15years ago!

October 2002
Download of the Month and Square One: SoundProgramming 101 examples

September 2002
Download of the Month and Boss SP-505examples

August 2002
Analog Supermodels, SoundQuest Infinity, PSPaudioware VintageWarmer,and Download of the Month

July 2002
Rebuilder and MixedGrains plug-ins from Plogue Productions

June 2002
Max Patchers

May 2002
Sequencing with Style, Creating Flash Soundtracks, Patches from OhmForce and Korg's PXR4, and the Download of the Month.

April 2002
Patches from VirSyn 1.1, TC Works' PowerCore, and Steinberg'sHalion.

March 2002
All about CDs with interviews, a screenshot gallery, a free spacecalculator, and more. Plus: Yamaha MOTIF MP3s and downloadable files,Reaktor patches, and Panning for Gold: what it sounds like.

February 2002
Samples from Joe Meek, Auto-accompaniment software, CellSynth, ArturiaStorm, Wiard 300 Modular Synth, and more...

January 2002
Big Fish Audio Roots ofthe Middle East and North Africa and Hadeeth ArabicRhythms

August 2001
Lexicon MPX100SysEx

Korg KARMA demos by Stephen Kay

July 2001
Portable Digital Studio Specs and Features (PDFformat--requires Adobe Acrobat)

December 2000
DesktopMusician Beatnik files

Music For New Media files(Metamorphosis)

November 2000

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