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MXL Microphones Announces 2010 Multi-Pattern Microphone


Featuring Class A FET circuitry, the new 2010 is a pressure gradient condenser microphone with a large 25 mm (1-inch) gold sputtered diaphragm that delivers a wide dynamic range with extremely low noise. As a multi-pattern instrument with omni, cardioid, and figure 8 polar patterns, the 2010 is the right tool for the job when it comes to versatility. With a sweet and silky transparent sound quality, the new 2010 is equally at home when being used to record vocals or acoustic instruments.

Internally wired with Mogami cable, the MXL 2010 features a –10 dB attenuation switch that enables the microphone to better handle high sound pressure levels—making it an excellent choice for overhead drum or guitar amp miking applications. Additionally, the 2010 incorporates selectable low frequency roll-off capability to compensate for proximity effect or to eliminate wind noise and similar acoustic anomalies.

MXL’s new 2010 multi-pattern studio microphone exhibits world-class workmanship throughout. With an elegant looking, durable silver finish, this versatile microphone includes a high-isolation shock mount and a deluxe carrying case.

According to Wayne Freeman, MXL’s Director of Sales and Marketing, “With omni, cardioid, and figure 8 polar patterns, MXL’s new 2010 multi-pattern studio microphone is a tremendously versatile instrument that is well equipped to handle a broad range of recording jobs. With the sound quality, look, and feel of far more expensive microphones, we’re really excited about this new addition to the company’s product lineup.”

With an MSRP of $199.95, MXL’s new 2010 multi-pattern studio microphone is expected to ship in the fall of 2005.

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