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Ableton Live



1. Find a song in Live’s browser. With Clip Overview selected toward the bottom right, drag and drop the file into a clip in the Session view. Wait until Live finishes the analysis process.

2. In the Clip Overview, de-select “Warp” at the bottom of the screen.

3. Slide the “Start Marker” to where you want the song to start.

4. Right click on the start marker and select “Set 1.1.1 here.”

5. Right-click again, and select “Warp from here.”

6. Adjust the project tempo if desired.

7. Drag the “Loop Brace” to select the point where you want the clip to repeat.

8. Click on “Loop” in the Loop Switch box for looped playback.

9. If you want to mark different sections for a remix, repeat this procedure with as many instances of the song as you want.


-The song’s timing could vary a bit from the original tempo; in step 6, adjust the tempo manually if required.

-Experiment with changing Live’s Warp Mode (beats, tone, texture, etc.) to find the best-sounding option.

-In step 6, click on :2 to cut the tempo in half, thus playing it faster, or *2 to double the tempo.

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