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Big Fish Audio Electron Smasher—Weapons Grade Loops


Electron Smasher has two main sections, Grooving Kits (1.29GB/84 folders) and Ambient Kits (801MB/47 folders). There’s also 58MB of “Xtra loops.”

“Kits” means construction kits, not drum kits—each folder contains a handful of rhythmic loops (typically 2 to 5) with good stretch editing and except for the REX folders, a longer, mixed demo file of the loops. However, unlike the shorter loops, the demo file doesn’t contain stretching info for Acidized or Apple Loops files. The sound sources include fx and percussion as well as drums, giving a processed, synthetic feel.

Grooving Kit tempos range from 67 to 180BPM, but the quality stretching allows speeding up a lot without artifacts and slowing down within a limited range. The loops can be rude and twisted, but many are nuanced; they also mix ’n’ match well across folders, as long as the tempo isn’t too different.

The Ambient Kits, ranging from 75 to 160BPM, are a huge surprise. They range from ethereal to spooky, and while rhythmic, sometimes work well as repeating pads. Some are flat-out beautiful.

This is an original, creative library; it’s ideal for when you’re well along in a project, but you need that one special element that can lift a project out of the ordinary. Electron Smasher can supply that element, but it can also provide inspiration as a song takes shape.

Contact: Big Fish Audio,
Format: DVD-ROM with about 2.1GB (727 loops) of unique 24-bit/44.1kHz WAV loops, duplicated for Apple Loops/WAV/REX2/Stylus RMX.
List price: $99.95

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