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Big Fish Audio Epic Drums


Picture a chase scene, with Matt Damon jumping over a barbed wire fence, pursued by snarling dogs and the Stasi. Or, imagine the airplane piloted by the Good Guy, with Sidewinder missiles bearing down fast . . . or the suspense scene where the evil Dr. Doom starts the countdown sequence that will destroy humanity as we know it, with the ever-resourceful Bond-type character smashing the faces of bad guys left and right after managing to escape the Shark Tank of Certain Death.

In situations like these, you want fast, heavy, adrenalininducing percussion, with big cymbals, bigger toms, orchestral kicks, hard tympani hits, weird percussion, and a serious dose of steroids. You want Epic Drums.

This reminds me of Heavyocity’s Evolve instrument, but is more focused on a particular sound—epic drums. (In fact if you’d rather play these sounds as an instrument, a 2.4GB download is available for $99.95 with Apple Loops and Kontakt 3 presets.)

There are 40 folders with BPM notations, each with an average of 30 files that includes a mix of loops and oneshots. It’s easy to build a scene from these various elements, and the one-shots are a gem; add some of them to your standard drum kit for some real power, taking this library further than being only for soundtracks.

BOOM! CRASH! Pocka-pocka-pocka-pocka POW—BADOOM!!! Meet Epic Drums.

Contact: Big Fish Audio,
Format: Two DVD-ROMs, one with Acid/WAV/Apple loops and the other with REX/RMX files—about 2.7GB (1,267 files) of unique 24-bit/44.1kHz loops and one-shots.
List price: $99.95

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