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Apple Logic Pro


Objective: Use Logic Pro’s new Global Beat Map track to create a bar/beat edit grid.

Background: Logic’s Global Tracks includes a Beat Map, which can use an audio or MIDI track as a guide to create tempo and beat/barline maps that follow live and rubato performances. The Beat Map track also affects the Tempo track — the tempo is automatically “reclocked”, so when you use BPM-synced effects, Apple Loops, and edit grid features (copying, pasting, cutting), everything stays locked in relation to the maps. An easy way to reclock is to tap along to a live performance from a MIDI controller, and then use the resulting MIDI track as the guide.

1. Record an audio or MIDI track without using a click. (Note: Try to play to your own internal metronome — you’ll need to tap along with the tempo of the recorded performance afterwards.) Alternatively, you could load a stereo or multitrack drum performance, such as a Discrete Drums track or similar source.

2. Record-enable a MIDI track (either assigned to a hardware or software instrument). Don’t worry about choosing a sound — we’re just going to use the MIDI track to tap along in time with your performance.

3. Record the guide track by tapping along in time (quarter-notes, eighth-notes, or whatever subdivision you choose).

4. Select the newly recorded region, then open Global Tracks (View menu > Global Tracks), and click Beat from Rgn. Choose the appropriate subdivision from the dialog box that appears. Click OK.

5. The Tempo track should now show slight tempo changes for each beat, and the barlines and beat markers should line up with your performance.

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