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Tech Tip Of The Month: Setting Up an Eventide Stompbox as MIDI Tempo Master


timefactorEventide Factor-series stompboxes have the ability to generate MIDI Clock. That means that you can use your Eventide stompbox as a Master Tempo source for anything in your MIDI chain, including drum machines, sequencers, and other Eventide stompboxes.

To enable MIDI Clock Transmit:

1. Enter System Mode by pressing and holding both the Right Footswitch and the Encoder Knob.

2. Turn the Encoder Knob until you see “MIDI.”

3. Press the Encoder Button to enter the MIDI Menu.

4. Turn the Encoder Knob until you see “CLK OUT.”

5. Press the Encoder Button and turn the Encoder Knob so the display says “ON.”

6. Exit System Mode by Pressing and holding the Right Footswitch and Encoder Button.

Now when you Tap Tempo or load a preset with a different Tempo, the Eventide stompbox will send the updated Tempo as MIDI Clock to its MIDI Out Port, and you can set the receiving device connected to lock to that incoming Tempo.

Thanks to Ray Maxwell at Eventide for sending in this month’s tip. For another tip (enabling MIDI Clock Sync to slave an Eventide stompbox to an incoming MIDI clock), go to

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