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RODE Microphones Release a Complete Line of Compact Wearable Microphones


The new RODE HS1 is an ultra-light headset microphone that gives the user the ultimate in flexibility and mobility. The malleable, lightweight headband and tube arm assembly features three axes of mechanical adjustment providing comfortable, unobtrusive mounting, while the microphone tube arm can be relocated to either the left or right side of the user's face to ensure the perfect fit and function for any individual.rode hs 1

The HS1's omnidirectional capsule provides pure, clear audio and low handling noise and a wide frequency response, ensuring perfect intelligibility.

Available in both black (HS1-B) and pink (HS1-P), the headset is supplied with a 1.2m detachable shielded Kevlar-reinforced cable as well as a pop filter, mini furry and a complete set of adjustment tools. It ships in a stackable anti-trauma travel case that is designed to protect the HS1 and its accessories from the rigours of transport and storage.

The new RODE PinMic offers a unique and innovative take on the traditional lapel microphone. While lapel microphones are the industry standard for close-miking presenters and talent, depending on the application their presence on a collar or lapel can be distracting or entirely undesirable. The new RODE PinMic features a detachable capsule head that mounts onto three pins on the microphone backplate, providing a discreet alternative that can be located almost anywhere on a wide range of clothing and fabrics.

The microphone ships with a black capsule installed, and an additional unpainted interchangeable capsule mesh is supplied for the ultimate in customization.

Rounding out the new product line is the RODE Lavalier, a high performance lapel microphone that offers simple, intuitive use and cable management. Like the HS1 and PinMic, the Lavalier is supplied with a pop filter, mini furry for use in adverse environments, cable management clips and a rugged storage case.

Knowing that versatility is paramount in any product, RODE has developed the MiCon connector system that provides seamless integration between all of RODE's compact wearable microphones and a wide range of wireless systems. To choose the correct adaptor for your needs, simply visit

RODE has always offered industry-leading warranty and after sales service on its products, and this new range of compact wearable microphones is no exception. The HS1, Lavalier and PinMic all ship with a comprehensive 12 month replacement warranty, however RODE additionally offers a generous extended warranty program following online registration of the product within one month of purchase.

This extended warranty entitles the user to a $99 (Australian Dollar) replacement microphone for four years following the initial 12 month warranty period, offering total peace of mind for five years after purchase.
The RODE HS1, Lavalier, PinMic and suite of MiCon adaptors and cables are shipping now and available from all authorized RODE retailers.

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